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Chevy Repair in Phoenix

Chevy Repair in Phoenix | Fairway Auto Repair We provide Phoenix Chevy repair for a number of Chevrolet vehicles including the Sonic, Cruze, Volt, Malibu, Corvette, Camaro, Impala, Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Avalanche, and Silverado. Chevrolet is well known for being innovative in and out of the showroom by producing a versatile line of vehicles, as well as reaching out to the community by being a sponsor for football (soccer), NASCAR, baseball, skateboarding, and other entertainment professionals.

Top 3 Chevy Repair Issues

1. Passlock Anti-Theft System
One big problem that runs that gamut of the electrical systems of Chevrolet vehicles is a problem with the passlock anti-theft system. It is a particularly big problem with the Malibu and the Impala. Often if the anti-theft system light is triggered, even by accident, the car won't start. It takes 10 minutes for the anti-theft light to shut down. This issue can be dealt with by either bypassing the system or resetting the system and getting a new key. Sometimes specially made owner keys can cause the system issue, so always have keys professionally made.

2. Intake Manifold Gasket
Issues with the intake manifold gasket are commonly considered to be an issue with GM's design. There is a plastic material that is used in creating the intake manifold gasket that is easily damaged or cracked. Cracks in the intake manifold gasket lead to coolant leaks, which can damage the vehicle's battery or affect the reliability of other vehicle parts such as the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter. We can easily fix this issue with Chevrolet's by replacing the questionable parts with quality, reliable parts.

3. Speedometer
A faulty speedometer is not necessarily dangerous to the actual functionality of your Chevy, but can be pretty costly if you get a speeding ticket because of an incorrect reading. Some people have found a temporary solution by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, but even if this works, it's not a permanent solution and needs to be seen by a professional who can deal with the electrical issue.

Whatever issues you might be having that requires you need Chevy repair in Phoenix, Fairway Auto can help, whether it's with simple, regular maintenance to ensure your car continues to run correctly, if you need more serious Chevrolet auto repair.