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Your Car Needs Love Too!

This Valentine’s Day show your car some love! Just think of all they do for you! They get driven in all kinds of weather. They sit out waiting for you in less than ideal conditions. They get splashed with grime from treated roads and even goo from road construction. This Valentine’s Day show your car you care!

  • Start your car’s day with a pick-me-up. Make sure all the fluids are topped off. If it is overdue for an oil change, this is the time to make sure it is pampered with a lube, oil and fresh new filter!
  • Nothing says you really care like a complete bumper to bumper inspection. It doesn’t take much time and your technician can determine the state of your car’s health.
  • After your car has been serviced, head to the spa (a.k.a. car wash) and give it the works! It will feel better and look better!
  • Depending on your habits, sometimes cars are filled with drink cups and drive thru bags. Remove the trash!
  • Vacuum its carpets and make sure the floor mats are cleaned too!

Ahhhhh…your car feels better now!