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Why Do Auto Repair Shops Markup Parts?

I am often asked why auto repair shops markup parts.  The fact is, any retailer marks up product.  Yes, you may be able to find the part at a lower cost on Amazon or your local junk yard but Amazon and the local junkyard aren’t responsible for the quality of the part nor do they offer a warranty on the part. 

The responsible auto repair shop insists on quality parts for their customers.  “Safety first” really does matter to us!  I have seen “do it yourselfers” put cheap parts on their cars…and then a month later they are busy replacing the cheap part with yet another cheap part.  That isn’t smart financially and it isn’t really safe.

What is included in the parts markup?

  • A warranty of two or more years
  • An expert installing the part
  • A shop that takes responsibility if the part fails

There are industry standards for parts markup so rest assured you are not getting “ripped off.”  The markup may vary slightly from shop to shop and dealer to dealer but not excessively.

Savvy consumers, of course, want value as they know it is less expensive in the long run.