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Today’s Fuel Pumps Are Hi-Tech!

Due to advancements in technology and governmental fuel economy regulations (CAFE), the $100 mechanical fuel pump has graduated to a hi-tech computer driven electric fuel pump. This new fuel pump can cost over $1000!

Fuel pumps started changing around 1995 from mechanical to electric. Circa 2005 they changed again transitioning to a “fuel delivery module.” These modules are an assembly of parts that consist of a fuel pump, sender, float rod and mounting gear. Should replacement become necessary, we have to remove the fuel tank and remove and replace the whole assembly instead of only the fuel pump.

CAFE regulations inspire new technologies such as the gasoline direct injection (GDI) which allows the fuel to inject directly into the combustion chamber using high pressure. This improves the cooling of the air and fuel charge inside the cylinder. Your vehicle will no longer experience that annoying “combustion knock” due to higher compression ratios plus an improved thermodynamic efficiency.

The components of GDI are built strong and have to endure fuel at much higher pressure than the indirect injection systems. At this time only 10 percent of vehicles have the GDI engine. The good news…so far the failure rate is almost non-existent.

As the requirements for lighter, more efficient vehicles is on-going, we will see changes in vehicle parts. They will be made to keep emissions down and fuel consumption light. Each year we see higher quality parts that are built to endure the ravages of time. We have come a long way since the mid-nineties… I wonder what additional changes we will see in just the next 10 years!