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These Are The Brake System Components

These are the brake system components that work together to make sure you can stop your car! This is just a brief overview of what each component’s job is.

Brake pads and shoes – Friction works to slow your vehicle down and this takes place in the pads and shoes when they are forced against a rotor or drum.  Due to this friction, they wear out and need to be replaced before you get to “metal on metal”. 

Brake rotors and drums – These are attached to the wheels of your car and again, help create the necessary friction needed to stop a vehicle.

Brake calipers (disc) – These are clamps, and using hydraulics, they move their pistons out, increasing the fluid pressure.  This makes the pad contact the rotor’s surface and this in turn causes your vehicle to stop or slow down as needed.

Brake fluid – Fluid is a very important ingredient in your vehicle and without it, your vehicle is not going to stop.  The fluid runs through hoses and steel lines to keep the elements working properly.