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The Cyclops Syndrome

Beware The Cyclops Syndrome
We’ve all seen it…driving down the road on a dark night and here comes a single lighted something coming your way. Is it a motorcycle? A UFO? It passes by and you realize it was a car with a headlight out! When driving at night, even on busy lighted highways it is essential to see and be seen…clearly!

It is also helpful when driving behind someone to see their taillights and to be able to know their intentions by seeing their brake lights or turn signals!

This brings me to your headlights. Back in the day they were made with glass but now they are made with plastic or polycarbonate. This material is porous and expands slightly when it gets hot. Over time it becomes oxidized and gets cloudy in appearance. Not only does it look bad, it reduces visibility. Your auto car professional now has a way to clean these for you and it is money well spent so you can see when driving at night and others can see you clearly too!

Make sure you check all your lights periodically for the maximum safe driving experience.