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Thank You For Your Business!


After 29 years of owning Fairway Auto Repair, I have made the difficult decision to retire. May 22nd will be our last day. This has certainly been a difficult decision.  We have a lot of people who trust and depend on us to help them make the right decisions for their car or truck, but the physical issues I have been dealing with this past year and a half; the impending GCU property sale and now, this virus and its effect on my business have been my retirement prompts.

Trying to find a replacement shop that my customers can call home, and a home for Jeremiah, my trusted employee has been a priority for me. There are several shops that I have referred customers to. Each shop has been a top shop that I trust. One of those shops has stood out from the rest; Larry Harker Auto Repair (602) 278-5558.

Bob, Ellen and the crew at Larry Harker have similar customer service, and vehicle service and repair ideals that we have at Fairway. They are located two miles from Fairway at 3845 W Indian School Rd.

Larry Harker’s Auto Repair has been in business since 1967. Larry Harker retired in 1989.  Bob and Ellen Frisby have now owned the shop for over 30 years.  Bob was Larry Harker’s manager until he purchased the business.

Larry Harker’s have three ASE certified technicians that specialize in different areas. 

Jim has been with them over 23 years. Jeremy, (Bob and Ellen's son-in-law), has been with them 19 years. Jeremy specializes in engine/ computer diagnostic problems. Jake has been there almost 10 years.

Larry Harker’s is a full-service garage. They do emissions and are with the ADEQ program to help people pass emissions. They also do computer diagnostic and repair, electrical testing and repair, oil changes, engine repair, brakes, alignment, maintenance and more. They perform diagnostics for transmission repair shops, dealerships and other auto repair shops.

They are open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and are closed on weekends and major holidays. They, like us, close for vacation from Christmas to New Year.

I encourage you to get to know Ellen and Bob at Larry Harker’s. I am confident they will take care of you and your vehicle like we did. Many of you have a service appointment that was set earlier with us. Use that appointment to get to know their shop.

I will still send out your appointment reminder as I have always done. Respond to that Email and let them know you will be there.

If you would like a copy of your vehicle service history, please let me know before the 22nd of this month and I will Email it to you or stop by and I can print it out. Your service history with Fairway Auto Repair is also on Carfax.

Thanks for your business through the years.  We appreciate you more than we can ever say.