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Sound of Silence

The job of a muffler is to keep your vehicle quiet. There is a lot involved for a piece of equipment that doesn’t look too intricate. It silences the noise of your car in these ways:

  • Changes the pressure pulses
  • Dampens the pressure pulses
  • Absorbs the pressure pulses

The noise is measured in decibels and the muffler dissipates the level of sound.

There are two types of mufflers; direct-fit or universal. A direct-fit muffler doesn’t require modifications. A repair shop just has to line it up and bolt it on. They are, however, not readily available for all vehicles.

A universal muffler is easy to find and usually requires some modifications. This is done by lengthening or shortening pipes or even replacing them. New hangers are a must to keep the new equipment from rattling. Thankfully these modifications are not difficult or expensive; they just take more time. If you are replacing a direct-fit muffler with a universal muffler, don’t expect it to muffle the noise as well as the direct-fit. It will be acceptable, but different.

It is hard to imagine the noise level if we didn’t have mufflers on our vehicles! If yours needs replacing, just give us a call. The sound of silence can be golden.