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Replacing a Car Battery

Our vehicles are much more complicated than they used to be. Each system is controlled by a separate computer module and each car can have as many as twenty of these modules. They each have their own “memory” and they depend upon the car’s battery to keep the memory intact.

We all have had to reset our car’s clock after a battery disconnect but these days more can be lost than your car’s clocks time. Here are some of the issues that can occur after a battery power failure or disconnect:

  • Loss of time on the clock, loss of set radio stations and anti-theft lockout
  • Stalling, failure of emission monitors
  • Loss of power seat and mirror positions
  • Door control loss such as locking, driver door switch pad, child lock switches, etc., which are associated with the driver's door. In most of the cases the driver door module acts as a master and others act as slaves in communication protocols.

If you have replaced your car’s battery on your own and you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact us today. We can help your car get its memory back!