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Late Model Cars Can Be A Challenge To Your Car’s Battery Life

Today’s newer models have a lot of “bells and whistles” and this puts a lot of demand on battery charging systems. We all know that climates with excessive heat take their toll, such as our Arizona temperatures. Our hot weather causes the electrolyte inside the battery to dry out. The popular maintenance free type battery has a sealed top so it doesn’t even allow water to be added, so its life expectancy in Arizona is low.

Ideally, the battery should be at full charge. When it starts to lose its charge, sulfate builds up on the plates. As it sits, the sulfate takes hold and is difficult to loosen once the battery is recharged. Sadly, it then becomes more difficult to “recharge” and will quit all together.

To keep the “bells and whistles” going strong in modern cars, they need to draw current from your car’s battery even when it is not running. Here is an example; you use your key fob to gain entry to your vehicle as it is “keyless”, draining power from the battery. You go on a two-week vacation and leave your vehicle at the airport parking garage. Even as it sits your car’s battery is still discharging power to these systems. You may return and find the battery cannot turn over the engine.

Damaged battery cables can also make your battery fail because that causes a faulty electrical connection. What can you do?

  1. Whenever we install a new battery for you, rest assured that we always check out the cables. Sometimes they just need to be cleaned but other times they need to be replaced.
  2. Manufacturers are starting to use absorbent glass mat batteries in new vehicles because they last longer in cars that have the stop/start systems and other battery draining options. Ford Motor Company says 70 percent of its vehicles will come equipped with this battery this year.

With our heat constantly pulling life from our cars’ batteries in Arizona, have them inspected frequently. All of us at Fairway Auto Repair are here to keep your car going strong…and to make sure your battery is up to the challenge.