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Keeping You And Your Vehicle Cool In The Heat Of Summer

Yes…the heat is on once again and a lot of people are experiencing the summertime blues already because their air conditioning is failing in their cars. Many assume this is going to cost big bucks! This isn’t always the case. Don’t just assume it will be bad news and certainly don’t suffer the heat needlessly.

When checking out your air conditioning system a repair shop will look for certain things:

  1. Is it low in refrigerant?
  2. Is the compressor engaged?
  3. Is the motor that controls the blend air door working properly?


Summertime is great as long as we remember to drink our fluids and not become overheated. Our cars have the same issue! It isn’t an unusual sight to see an overheated vehicle sitting alongside the road with steam pouring from underneath the hood on a hot day!

If this happens to you here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pull over as soon as possible so the engine can cool down.
  • Open the hood to allow the steam to disperse.
  • DO NOT open the radiator cap until the engine is cool or you will get a steam burn!
  • Check the coolant tank and fill if needed if you happen to have coolant and water with you and you feel confident that you are doing it correctly. Some cars don’t have a tank but just the radiator. If this is the case allow the radiator to completely cool before you check the coolant level.
  • If you were not able to refill the reservoir it is best to get your vehicle towed. If you feel you must drive it or are close by a repair shop, be sure to drive with the air conditioning turned off and the heater turned on full blast. This takes the heat away from the engine. Do not attempt to drive it in stop and go traffic, however.

The best way to handle this situation is not to let it happen. Preventive maintenance is always so much better than the hassle of repair.

Your car care provider is an expert when it comes to helping you and your car keep cool this summer!