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It's Back To School Time!

School Supplies – check

School Clothes – check

School Schedules – check

School Lunches - check

After School Schedules – check

Bedtimes and Wake Up Call – check

Homework Schedule – check

What is missing from this list? Your car’s back-to-school checkup! When school starts traffic is heavier and Mom’s (or Dad’s) Taxi service is in high gear. Make sure your car is ready by having an inspection before school starts! Do you have a student driving themselves to school or college? Make sure their vehicle is ready too!

Even if you aren’t directly affected by “back-to-school” these days, you can be affected if you are out and about during rush hour traffic. Make sure your car is ready for the increased traffic, the reduced speed limit in school zones and the sudden stops at cross walks. Be aware of busses (remember, they stop at all railroad crossings) and children and new drivers.

Let’s make this a great school year and remember…safety first!