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Ignoring Recall Notices Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!

For some reason consumers are ignoring recall notices. Many cars ‘for sale by owner’ have recall notices on them and they have not been taken care of. If you are buying a used vehicle, always have it inspected first and always find out if a recall notice was issued for the vehicle and if it was in fact, fixed. It is simple and can be checked online before you buy!

There are roughly 2.1 million cars for sale online that have open recalls on them. You can go to, enter the VIN number and you can tell if the vehicle had a recall notice and if it was complied with.

Why do vehicle owners ignore recalls? It is a mystery to all of us in the automotive industry. It doesn’t cost the owner anything but time but to ignore it could jeopardize their safety, the safety of their loved ones and those they share the road with.

If you hear of a recall and you know someone who drives that particular make and model, do them a favor and let them know. Of course they should receive a notice from the manufacturer but that might be easier to ignore than a caring friend, family member or co-worker.

It is so easy to access the information online that there really is no excuse to ignore it. Everyones’ safety is at risk because consumers don’t take the time to get it taken care of is inexcusable! Many times the dealership loans the consumer a vehicle for free as well…after all, they are the responsible party for getting it fixed.

Get the word out…Do Not Ignore Recall Notices!!