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How Will Phoenix Be Commuting in the Future?

There is a lot of noise out there about the cars of the future.  As a child, I often dreamed of flying around in a car like George Jetson’s.  We are still waiting for that to be the normal mode of transport.  What do we have? 

  • Gasoline Engine:  This old standby is popular because even though we often have reason to complain about gasoline prices, the cost to buy an electric or battery operated vehicle is much higher than the cost to buy a gasoline powered car.  Gas pumps are everywhere as well so you don’t have to map your route based on charging stations. The gasoline engine is still the most convenient, economical form of transport.
  • Electric/Battery Cars: We hear a lot about this “clean” driving.  It is great for the environment, but the high cost makes it a tough sell. 
  • Autonomous Cars:  These sophisticated alternatives to the gasoline engine are all the talk right now.  If the manufacturers can move past the software glitches these cars could be very attractive to drivers…if the price is right and they can learn to trust a vehicle without a steering wheel.  A great deal of money is being allocated towards these vehicles to third party software experts.  Tests are ongoing at this time…on our roads! 
  • Shared Rides:  In metropolitan areas this is catching on.  Many consumers have decided to give up the hassle of car ownership and thanks to Uber and Lyft, commuters aren’t having to shell out the big dollars to take a taxi. 

The race to find the most efficient and affordable vehicle has been going on for a very long time.  Steam, crank and other resources have at one time or another been created and tested.  The first electric vehicles were being tinkered with in the 1830’s and the first gasoline in the 1870’s.  We will just have to keep working on finding the best mode of transportation for us and our environment!