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Helping Your Vehicle Survive the Holiday Season

Unless you have a deserted island you can escape to during the holiday season, you and your vehicle can feel the strain.  Traffic in Phoenix is heavier, more ‘occasional’ drivers are on the roads and if you are like the majority, you spend more time just sitting in traffic and through a traffic light…or two…or more if you live or work around a shopping center.

We want you to enjoy the holidays and one of the ways to have less stress during this joyful time is to make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge!  Here are just a few things we can do for your vehicle so you can be sure you arrive on time for the family feasts, holiday parties, community events and shopping extravaganzas:

  • We make sure your oil and filter are clean.
  • We check the tires for proper inflation and rotate if needed.
  • We inspect the brakes to make sure you can stop on a dime if necessary!
  • We top off fluids or exchange them.
  • We check the charging system so you don’t come out of the mall to a dead battery!
  • We check the exhaust system.

Getting a holiday “pre-check” for your vehicle ensures you have one less item to contend with during this busy time.  When you are standing in line at the grocery store you will more than likely notice many magazines with advice on holiday survival…but they don’t seem to mention your vehicle. 

Get your appointment booked and then sit back and prepare to enjoy the dinners and the parties, family visits, community events and the shopping!  Fairway Auto Repair is here for you!