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Help Your Car Have A Long And Happy Life

We seem to be an “anti-aging” society.  Everywhere you look there is some commercial for an anti-aging herb or cream.  They all promise to keep us looking and feeling years younger. Many consumers are proving it is more than possible not only with themselves but their cars too!  They are keeping their cars going 200,000 miles and longer!  How?  By following the rule book…their owner’s manual! 

Yes…this truly is the most unread book by consumers but fortunately, those of us at Fairway Auto Repair do follow the rules.  The rules are a basic outline of how many miles you can drive a vehicle before fluids or parts need to be replaced.  It also takes into account your driving habits.  Those who drive in Phoenix’s stop and go traffic put a bigger strain on their vehicle so that is considered “severe” driving.  Your car will need to be serviced more frequently than those who zip along the highways with no need for frequent stops.

It pays to be consistent with your car’s service! Many think it is okay to delay or even skip an oil change all together.  Your engine may not blow up at the moment you go over the recommended mileage but it does accelerate the engine wear and can cause premature engine damage.  Driving your car on fumes instead of filling up before the warning signal comes on isn’t good for your vehicle either. Using the right fluids and the right parts are vitally important to keep your car from aging.  The wrong weight oil or the wrong transmission fluid won’t help your car stay young.

If you want to keep your car from aging, keep it clean and keep it serviced in timely intervals.  You and your car can have a long and happy life together!