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Driving and the Holidays

We want our community to be safe during the holiday seasons. More and more people are staying in on New Year’s Eve to avoid the possible dangers on the road, but, the Memorial Day holiday and Thanksgiving holiday are the most dangerous times on the road now. Let’s talk about Thanksgiving since it is coming right up!

Many are off on Thanksgiving, of course, but the Wednesday before a lot of folks are driving to be with family and friends for the big day. We know the roads are crowded on Thanksgiving Eve. Thanksgiving also has people going to closer destinations for their turkey dinner, but thankfully it isn’t as crowded overall. Then comes Black Friday, where many start shopping to kick off the Christmas frenzy. We now have stores opening on Thanksgiving, so they can get people geared up to get those gifts under the tree.

College sports are a big deal during the Thanksgiving weekend and with that comes drinking. Add that to the crowds shopping and coming home from their travels and it could spell disaster.

More people are aware of the dangers of driving at the peak times during this holiday weekend, but if you can’t avoid it all together, be alert. Keep focused and if at all possible, don’t be out and about during the heaviest traffic times.

From all of us to all of you, have a safe, Happy Thanksgiving!