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Celebrate Your Car’s Milestones!

Back in the day, when your car reached 100,000 miles it was used up…inside and out! Today’s cars are designed to keep going and going…as long as you take good care of them! Our goal at Fairway Auto Repair is to keep our customers’ vehicles going as long as they want to keep them!

Cars aren’t all that much different than us humans! If you eat right, exercise, take supplements, have regular checks up and get plenty of fluids…they tell us we will feel a lot better and should lead a long and healthy life.

Your car is the same way. It needs to be given the right fluids on a regular basis (and exchanged periodically), its charging and cooling systems checked and the brakes and exhaust system kept in good working order. We recommend you have our technicians check all your vehicle’s components periodically to make sure nothing is worn and needing replacement.

Today’s cars do go longer between service visits than the previous 3,000 miles that we all adhered to, but you still need to visit your automotive repair shop at least three times a year. We still recommend quarterly. Why? There is a seldom read book in your glove box…take it out and look at it. Notice that it has recommendations for certain items to be taken care of each time you fill up with gas? Other items are to be checked monthly? I can tell you from looking at my customers’ cars that these items do not get checked between visits to my shop! That is why those that extend service visits for 2,000 miles or longer are pushing the envelope!

Newer vehicles have a friendly built-in alert system that tells you when services are due to be taken care of. This is good because ignoring your car is not as easy as ignoring your owner’s manual or our service reminders!

When your vehicle celebrates 100,000 miles treat it to some major preventive maintenance. It would be like giving a friend a day at the spa for rejuvenation. Look at it as a birthday gift for your car. Even though they are built to go many miles these days…reaching 100,000 miles is still a major milestone and should be treated as such. Then…wish it 100,000 more miles!

As always, our technicians at Fairway Auto Repair are here to keep Phoenix drivers happy by keeping their cars in great working order! To find out more about us and what your vehicle needs to reach major milestones, visit our website at!