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A Healthy Car

Cars are built better than ever these days and give us miles of service. Keeping them healthy is important and extends their life.

  • Oil is their lifeblood. Dirty oil makes it harder for your engine to turn over and causes premature engine wear.
  • Belts and hoses are made of very durable material with relatively long lives but they do deteriorate over time. We recommend an eight to ten-year replacement cycle.
  • Leaks are not normal except for condensation from your air conditioner. 11 different fluids keep your car running; brake fluid, antifreeze, engine oil, power steering fluid, air conditioner refrigerant, shock absorber fluid, battery electrolyte, windshield washer solvent, rear axle or CV boot lubricant and fuel. If any of these leaks, they need to be fixed right away.
  • Tires need to be kept properly inflated to save gas and tire wear and rotated every six months.
  • Coolant, when neglected can corrode and leave sediment throughout your cooling system causing clogging that results in damaging hot spots that can harm your engine. Flushing every two years is recommended.
  • The battery needs to have the cables securely attached and free of corrosion in order to get power to the starter and accessories so the alternator receives a charge.

Keep your car healthy means getting it serviced regularly. Remember, we are a full-service preventive maintenance and auto repair center. We work on all makes and models, import and domestic!