Your Car Is Keeping Tabs On You!


We have heard that “connected cars” can help us in extraordinary ways and we could easily get used to the convenience. Did you know that “connected cars” can keep tabs on drivers as well?  That can be good but it can also be strangely unsettling! Let’s think about the pros and the cons when it comes to our cars and our privacy.

The Pros

  • Your car’s computer can determine when parts are wearing out before you experience any problems and alert you.
  • Your car’s downloadable apps can help you find parking as well as surf the net and other web based activities.
  • Your car can call for assistance when you are in an accident.
  • Your car can be tracked and disabled if stolen.
  • Your car can help you find it in a crowded parking lot and even have the doors unlocked for you.
  • Your car can help you avoid crashes.
  • Your backseat passengers can be entertained online.
  • A car can take charge of teen drivers by letting a parent monitor their teen’s driving habits and location.
  • You can start your car remotely.
  • Your car can enable you to even change your home thermostat.
  • Your car can monitor your driving habits so you save gas.
  • Your car can communicate with other connected cars to avoid crashes and monitor traffic conditions.
  • Your car can download software from the manufacturer to fix an onboard computer problem.

The Cons

  • Cars collect and monitor a lot of information about its driver(s). This data is massive and goes to the automaker. 
  • Your car will know how you drive, and when and where you drive.
  • We can turn off the GPS functionality of our Smartphone and laptop but we can’t turn it off in connected cars.
  • To date consumers have not been given options when it comes to having data collected on them by their connected vehicle.
  • Consumers don’t know if the data collected is being shared with third parties or just the automaker.

Do you feel comfortable with the data being collected?  Do you feel that you should be given options as to who can collect and share the data from your vehicle?  Do you want to be able to have a say in who may obtain and use the data that is collected? Do you feel you should have the right to disable this capability in your car?

If you feel strongly about this issue or if you want to find out more, visit for more information.  

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