‘Tis the season when we think of all aspects of our lives in terms of the holidays.  I was thinking of the Grinch and how he basically made his little dog perform the task of a reindeer until the little guy almost broke down under the weight of the load he was expected to carry up and down mountains.  

Some are guilty of that with their vehicles.  They expect it to perform miracles without thinking that it might break down due to neglect.  Are you a Grinch when it comes to your vehicle? Here are some clues that you are afflicted with Grinchitis.

You might be a Grinch if:

1.    You put off servicing your vehicle until it breaks down.  This costs you more money and hurts the environment too!
2.    You drive on tires that are mismatched and bald.  I am told that being “matchy, matchy” when it comes to clothes is out but this does not apply to tires.  I am also told that bald is beautiful, but again, not when it comes to your tires!
3.    You put off buying new wiper blades and become a road hazard when it rains!
4.    Your headlights are so cloudy you can barely see or be seen.
5.    Your brakes won’t stop you on a row of greenbacks, much less a dime.
6.    Your car shakes, rattles and rolls and it has nothing to do with that 50’s music you are playing!
7.    You use your vehicle as a storage container or a dumpster.
8.    People frequently write “wash me” in the dirt and dust on your car.
9.    Instead of getting your radiator/cooling system repaired, you keep adding anti-freeze and let it drip out, endangering animals that may lick it and become sick or even die.
10.    You drive around with a black stream of smoke coming from the back of your vehicle.

If any of these apply to you, call Fairway Auto Repair immediately.  We have the cure for Grinchitis!

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