The Cost Of Neglect Is High!



Drivers today are trying to save money by cutting corners in many ways…including car care. They figure putting off routine maintenance won’t hurt but it does hurt in two ways!
First, a poorly maintained vehicle can be an unsafe vehicle.  Thousands of wrecks each year are attributed to unperformed services and repairs. According to the Car Care Council there are roughly $2 billion dollars a year in unperformed auto service and repairs.  Think of that the next time you are driving…how safe are the cars driving alongside you? 
Secondly, a poorly maintained vehicle costs consumers more money.  When a driver continually puts off much needed routine services those lack of services turn into expensive car repairs.  One example is putting off oil changes often leads to needing a new engine…a very high-ticket repair!
To keep your vehicle well maintained a driver needs to do the following:
Make sure the oil is changed on a regular basis.  If you aren’t sure what that is, check the owner’s manual or ask us! On average we now recommend every 5,000 miles (or quarterly, whichever comes first) depending on what model and make the car or light truck is.
Keep the tires rotated and properly inflated.  Tires aren’t cheap and proper inflation and regular rotations keep them going for many miles.
Timing belts need to be replaced…preferably before they break.  If they break it could cause severe engine damage.
Brakes must be maintained so they can stop the car when needed.  Neglected brakes usually result in rotor or disc replacement which is costly.
PCV valves are vital as they prevent oil leaks and sludge build up.  Some makes and models are more prone to sludge build up and need more attention to make sure this doesn’t occur.  
Filters do so much to keep a car healthy as they capture harmful debris and even keep the air we breathe inside our vehicles pure.
Spark plugs are vital to a vehicle’s health as well!
Prevention is always less expensive than the cure or repair so if drivers want to truly save money prevention is the way to go!  

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