Safety First!

October is National Car Care Month! Many consumers have tightened their proverbial belts these past few years and it is certainly understandable.  These are uncertain times we live in…including economically.  Still…safety is a vital concern and there are many cars on the road today that are not in good shape.

In the United States last year we broke a record with the number of vehicle recalls.  This was certainly newsworthy…yet millions of drivers failed to get their vehicles repaired.  It didn’t cost them anything…except time and apparently they were short of that commodity.  What does this mean to consumers?  Millions of cars are being driven, bought and sold that could be potentially dangerous!

Car Care Council Findings
The non-profit Car Care Council group says that in October 2014 it was revealed that 84 percent of vehicles need service or parts, up 5 percent from the previous year. These are the findings:

  • Low Washer Fluid at 27 percent
  • Low or dirty motor oil at 25 percent
  • Low, leaky or dirty coolant at 17 percent
    Power steering, brake and transmission fluids had failure rates of 13 percent and below.
    Nearly one in five vehicles needed a new air filter at 18 percent
    Check engine light was illuminated in 13 percent of vehicles
    At least one belt was reported as unsatisfactory in 17 percent of the vehicles inspected
    New hose(s) were needed in 8 percent of vehicles.
    Battery cables, clamps and terminals needed maintenance in 14 percent of the vehicles
    Batteries that were not properly “held down” were found in 9 percent of vehicles inspected.
    Front windshield wiper failures occurred in 16 percent of inspected vehicles
    Lights needed replaced in 11 percent of vehicles (including headlights, brake lights and license plate lights.
    Improperly inflated tires were found on 10 percent of the cars, and 14 percent had worn tread and were in need of replacement.

These were on vehicles that WERE INSPECTED!  Imagine those that aren’t inspected! It will be interesting to see what the National Car Care’s findings will be this October!

Why We Inspect
On rare occasions some consumers complain that when they take their car in for an oil change or some other service or repair they are presented with a “laundry list” of items that the repair shop brings to their attention that need repaired.  They resent this and feel they are being taken advantage of.  Those of us in the auto repair business are here to make sure that every car we come in contact with is safe.  It is important to drive a safe vehicle.  When you look at the Car Care Council’s findings, you will notice that these items aren’t expensive yet if they are ignored they will become big, expensive repairs in the future.  Remember…safety first!

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