In 2013 the Cost to Own a Car Went Down!

Good news!  The cost of car ownership is down!  According to AAA this is due to lower fuel costs.  Prior to 2013 it costs about 59.2 cents per mile if a driver racked up 15,000 miles per year. If you do the math that is about $8,876 per year!  This cost has not decreased in several years!  
Maintenance costs was on the rise at 5.06 cents per mile mostly due to vehicles now needing semi or full-synthetic motor oils.  These are more expensive than regular motor oil but do give drivers better fuel economy and is better for engines.  They also let us go longer between oil changes. Overall, drivers are now saving over one and a half cents per mile driven.
Drivers would do a Lot to Lower Car Insurance Costs!
With everyone coming out with plugins for vehicles to track this and that a survey (by was conducted to ask drivers just what they would allow to be tracked as they drove if they would get lower insurance costs.  Here are just a few of the replies, with 39% of the 500 drivers surveyed saying they were willing to have such a plug in installed if they could, in fact, reduce their insurance premiums:
20 percent would let their insurance company observe them while they drove via a camera installation.
24 percent would drive only certain hours agreed upon with their insurer.
27 percent would allow the insurer to set limits on the distance they could drive.
28 percent would let the insurer restrict how fast they could drive.
37 percent would let the insurer cut off cell phone use while they drive.
64 percent would be okay with a Breathalyzer installed by their insurance company.
I found this interesting as so many drivers are concerned about their privacy being invaded each time they get behind the wheel.  I guess mostly the general public is concerned that their privacy is being invaded without their knowledge or consent and they are not sure exactly who sees the data and what they are doing with it.  


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