Future Cars – Augmented Reality Windshields

Cars that can give us directions are great.  We can usually drive with confidence as long as the directions are given to us verbally…but when we have to look at an in-car display…we have to take our eyes off the road and that is never good.  Well…BMW has already fixed this problem.  All a driver has to do is get the information right off their windshield!  That seems pretty fantastic to me!  But that is not where BMW stopped with the idea.

BMW is working on an augmented reality dashboard that will identify an object in front of you on the road and tell you exactly how far you are from the object.  What if there is construction just ahead, or a stalled car…you will know that in plenty of time to stop.  What if a car is pulled over on the side of the road changing a tire and you can’t tell it until you are almost next to it…that won’t happen with this system.  You will have plenty of notice and you will see it all on your windshield.

BMW is using a video to train technicians using augmented reality glasses.  These glasses allow them to identify the problem and then gives them step by step directions on how to fix the problem.  Even now technicians are more computer specialists than “grease monkeys” and it will be even more so in the next few years.  

Toyota is also working on augmented reality systems…for passengers!  Yes…they can “zoom in” on something they see outside the car and the car will identify it for them.  They will have a “touch screen” window.

At this time those of us in the automotive industry have to pass a series of industry standard tests in order to be a “certified tech” and “master techs” and those tests will surely have to ramp up and have new categories added in order for all of us to retain that certification title.

This augmented reality isn’t reality yet…but it could be on our cars sooner rather than later.  Meanwhile, we will continue to stay up to date on all things automotive and of course…the Internet of things.

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