Captain Of Your Car

Imagine sitting in your car engaging with friends on Social Media, having a conference call, surfing the Internet all while your car does the driving for you!  You will truly be the captain of your ship…er…I mean car!

When I write about this many think this is still far into our future.  It might surprise you to know that even now, on California highways, Google is shuttling its employees in its fleet of self-driving cars!  Florida and Nevada have also allowed Google cars on their roads.  They plan to have these vehicles on sale to the general public by 2020.

Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ford Motor Company have already developed the technology that takes certain controls out of the hands of drivers and puts them in control of the car.  These cars can park, operate in traffic and brake without any help from the driver.  GM is testing a system even now for its Cadillac models that will allow for hands-free lane following, braking and speed control. They are calling their system the “Super Cruise” semiautomatic.  

The upside is these cars could conceivably stop wasted time while commuting, save energy and reduce car accidents.  With the possibility of improving highway efficiency, air quality and reducing crashes by at least 80%, what’s not to love? On top of that, these connected vehicles can reduce travel time 25%, reduce emissions 22%, reduce gasoline consumption 10% and reduce stopping 40%.  Sign me up! Instead of building new freeways to take care of all these vehicles, new technology will be able to handle it all with sensors.  That saves a lot of tax dollars!  

Even with cars that can sync your Smartphone with your dashboard or steering wheel, one can still be distracted.  There is a lot going on right now that makes your car capable of shutting down these systems completely unless your car is in park.  Distracted driving is on the rise even when you use the Smartphone “hands free.”  That is why the best solution is to let your car do the driving for you!

By the end of this decade we could all be sitting back in our cars as we cruise around Phoenix, feeling like the captain on the bridge of a star ship talking to the computer.  In fact, the computer will be your Number One!  Make it so! Engage!

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