Being Gentle With Your Vehicle Saves Money

Some drivers inflict damage to their vehicles just by the way they drive.  If you find you must have repairs more often than most people, you could be personally responsible. 

  • Do your brakes seem to wear out fast? 
  • Does your transmission need extra attention? 
  • Do you need an alignment a few times a year? 
  • Do you dash up to a red light or stop sign and push hard on the brake pedal? 
  • Do you fly over speed bumps? 
  • Do you floor it as soon as the light turns green? 
  • Do you hit the curb with your tires?

When you put a lot of stress on your brakes, you are putting a lot of pressure on the braking systems components such as the rotors, calipers and pads.  This causes them to wear out faster than normal driving.

Tires that get hit with the curb, are driven with the wrong tire pressure and hit speed bumps at fast speeds are not going to last long…nor is the alignment. It also costs more in fuel.

If you like to floor it as soon as the light turns green you put a lot of stress on your engine, powertrain parts and fuel pump. 

We are not trying to tell you how to drive, but we did want to share how you can save money on your vehicle repairs.  If you find yourself getting repairs for your car more often than other people, think about your driving habits.  It really could have a lot to do with it.

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