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Pets and Summer Vacation

We see lots of dogs with their heads sticking out windows of cars enjoying the breeze. It makes me smile but at the same time I’m always concerned for the dogs’ health. It seems no matter how many warnings people are given about the dangers of leaving dogs and children in a hot car in summer, each year in Phoenix we hear the sad news that it happens…way too often!

If you do plan to travel with your pets this summer, make plans before you leave home so you and your pet aren’t overly stressed by the trip.

•Select a hotel or cabin that welcomes pets.
• Plan a vacation that your pet will enjoy as well!
• Find restaurants that offer outdoor dining that accommodate your animals.
• Make sure your pets have all their shots up to date, are in good health for travel and have had their flea and tick prevention.
• Don’t assume that a “pet friendly” hotel will be accommodating to cats and other animals. I’ve heard many times that hotels or resorts claiming to be “pet friendly” are only friendly to dogs.
• If you plan to fly or drive out of state, you need to check with your vet and get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection so your pet will be welcomed.
• Make sure your pet is wearing id tags and having them micro-chipped in case the worst happens and they get away from you is a good idea.
• Pack items that ensure their happiness like their normal food and snacks, beds, litter, dog waste bags and other favorite items.
• If you are flying, make sure your pet is up to the rigors of air travel and that your airline is accommodating.
• If you are driving, make sure your vehicle is up to the journey by visiting Fairway Auto Repair first as breaking down with pets is not a good experience.