Helping Your Car Survive the Holidays

Posted on 12/11/2018

Unless you have a deserted island you can escape to during the holiday season, you and your vehicle can feel the strain.  Traffic in Phoenix is heavier, more ‘occasional’ drivers are on the roads and if you are like the majority, you spend more time just sitting in traffic and through a traffic light…or two…or more if you live or work around a shopping center.

We want you to enjoy the holidays and one of the ways to have less stress during this joyful time is to make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge!  Here are just a few things we can do for your vehicle so you can be sure you arrive on time for the family feasts, holiday parties, community events and shopping extravaganzas:

  • We make sure your oil and filter are clean.
  • We check the tires for proper inflation and rotate if needed.
  • We inspect the brakes to make sure you can stop on a dime if necessary!
  • We top off fluids or exchange them.
  • We check the charging system so you don’t come out of the mall to a dead battery!
  • We check the exhaust system.

Getting a holiday “pre-check” for your vehicle ensures you have one less item to contend with during this busy time.  When you are standing in line at the grocery store you will more than likely notice many magazines with advice on holiday survival…but they don’t seem to mention your vehicle. 

Get your appointment booked and then sit back and prepare to enjoy the dinners and the parties, family visits, community events and the shopping!  Fairway Auto Repair is here for you!

Does Your Car Have A Mind Of Its Own?

Posted on 12/04/2018

We get calls from Phoenix drivers complaining that their car seems to have a mind of its own.  It wants to bounce and rock and drift and sway.  We know exactly what the problem is when we hear these complaints.  It is either your vehicle’s shocks or struts.  Usually they wear out slowly and you don’t notice that they are aging, then suddenly, it seems like you can’t keep your tires on the road! 

If it wasn’t for shocks and struts we would have a very uncomfortable and unsafe ride.  Not only do they give us a smooth ride, they also affect our braking.  Here are some clues that your vehicle needs service in this area!

  • When you are crossing an intersection does your vehicle bounce more than three times?
  • When you come to a fast stop does it rock back and forth?
  • When you change lanes quickly does it sway from side to side?
  • When you apply the brakes suddenly while driving at higher speeds does it seem to pull to the left or to the right?
  • When rounding a curve does it lean?

If so, you need to have your car checked out.  We will check for leaks, shiny spots on the safety bumper, and marks between the coils of the spring, tire cupping, broken or loose mount and check to see if the piston rod is damaged or even broken.  Any of these can be the cause of your bouncing ride.  Be safe and call Fairway Auto Repair today.

Alternative Cars – What’s the Latest?

Posted on 11/27/2018

I was going through my past articles and I wrote this one in November of 2010.  It is interesting to read and realize we have come a long way…and then again…not so much.  Below I have italicized the “latest” for your perusal. 

Almost 100 years ago we were weighing the pros and cons of electric cars versus gasoline powered cars.  We were beginning to get better roads and wanted to go further and faster than the electric cars of the time would allow. The peak of the electric car was reached in 1912.  At that time an electric roadster sold for $1,750, while a gasoline car sold for $650. Seems we have come full circle.

Here is a list of concerns that consumers currently have about purchasing an alternative vehicle:

  • Batteries are toxic and concerns have been raised about landfills overflowing with corrosive and carcinogenic materials found in used batteries.
  • Drivers are having “range anxiety” as they aren’t used to considering how many miles they can drive before they have to recharge.
  • Electric cars are expensive compared to their gasoline fueled counterparts.
  • Consumers are concerned that if they purchase an electric or hybrid car now before they are “proven” they may be stuck with an obsolete vehicle.
  • Currently it takes hours to recharge when consumers are used to minutes to refuel at the pump.

What are the “gurus” saying?
The gurus are saying that the sales of alternative vehicles will be slow. Hybrids/electrics may reach 3.2 million in sales by 2015.  China is predicted to have 27% of the sales followed by the United States at 26%. By 2020 one in ten new cars in Europe will be electric and one in ten new cars will be hybrid.  Only time will tell.

Times are changing quickly and those in technology are working hard.  Many feel positive that we can overcome the challenges by recycling the batteries and have charging systems that take minutes instead of hours. It is difficult at best to forecast the future and a down economy doesn’t help. 

Just remember, the car did eventually replace the horse as our chief form of transportation.

Last year, with 1,223,600 EVs sold globally, a 58 percent sales increase was reached over 2016. China led the way for battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales with a 73 percent growth surge last year. However, that still only represented 1.3 percent of total global new passenger vehicle sales last year. April 30, 2018.

Wikipedia: The fleet of hybrid electric vehicles in the United States, with over 4 million units sold through April 2016, is the second largest in the world after Japan (over 5 million). American sales of hybrid electric vehicles represent about 36% of the more than 11 million hybrids sold worldwide through April 2016. Since their inception in 1999, a total of 4,058,258 hybrid electric automobiles and sport utility vehicles have been sold in the country through May 2016. Sales of hybrid vehicles in the U.S. began to decline following the financial crisis of 2007–08, and after a short recovery, began to decline again in 2014 due to low gasoline prices. Hybrid sales in the American market achieved its highest market share ever in 2013, capturing 3.19% of new car sales that year, and dropped below 2% by April 2016.

As always, I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for Being Our Customer!

Posted on 11/21/2018

We always find time to be thankful for our wonderful customers! 
We wish each and every one of you a safe, enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Make It A Happy Thanksgiving!
Whether you are going on an extended road trip, driving to the airport or just plan to get groceries or do some Black Friday shopping, it will probably involve your car! Here are what the road-side assistant companies suggest you have checked out before the holiday to make sure your vehicle is safe and your Thanksgiving less stressful!

  • Tires:  Make sure your tires are properly inflated.  If they have bad tread wear and need to be replaced, it is better to do it before you are in a breakdown situation. 
  • Wiper Blades: Many an accident could be avoided if drivers could see where they are going!  Make sure your wiper blades are up to the challenge!
  • Battery:  A dead battery can be avoided!  A simple test will make sure it is up to par. 

The best thing you can do before any road trip is to make an appointment with us and let us do a vehicle inspection.  It will give you peace of mind! Don’t let your car be a “road side assistance” Thanksgiving statistic this year! We sure don’t want our customers sitting on the side of the road!

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