Posted on 01/16/2018

We seem to be an “anti-aging” society.  Everywhere you look there is some commercial for an anti-aging herb or cream.  They all promise to keep us looking and feeling years younger. Many consumers are proving it is more than possible not only with themselves but their cars too!  They are keeping their cars going 200,000 miles and longer!  How?  By following the rule book…their owner’s manual! 

Yes…this truly is the most unread book by consumers but fortunately, those of us at Fairway Auto Repair do follow the rules.  The rules are a basic outline of how many miles you can drive a vehicle before fluids or parts need to be replaced.  It also takes into account your driving habits.  Those who drive in Phoenix’s stop and go traffic put a bigger strain on their vehicle so that is considered “severe” driving.  Your car will need to be serviced more frequently than those who zip along the highways with no need for frequent stops.

It pays to be consistent with your car’s service! Many think it is okay to delay or even skip an oil change all together.  Your engine may not blow up at the moment you go over the recommended mileage but it does accelerate the engine wear and can cause premature engine damage.  Driving your car on fumes instead of filling up before the warning signal comes on isn’t good for your vehicle either. Using the right fluids and the right parts are vitally important to keep your car from aging.  The wrong weight oil or the wrong transmission fluid won’t help your car stay young.

If you want to keep your car from aging, keep it clean and keep it serviced in timely intervals.  You and your car can have a long and happy life together! 

Replacing a Car Battery…Why It Takes an Expert!

Posted on 01/09/2018

Our vehicles are much more complicated than they used to be.  Each system is controlled by a separate computer module and each car can have as many as twenty of these modules.  They each have their own “memory” and they depend upon the car’s battery to keep the memory intact. 

We all have had to reset our car’s clock after a battery disconnect but these days more can be lost than your car’s clocks time.  Here are some of the issues that can occur after a battery power failure or disconnect:

  • Loss of time on the clock, loss of set radio stations and anti-theft lockout
  • Stalling, failure of emission monitors
  • Loss of power seat and mirror positions
  • Door control loss such as locking, driver door switch pad, child lock switches, etc., which are associated with the driver's door. In most of the cases the driver door module acts as a master and others act as slaves in communication protocols.

If you have replaced your car’s battery on your own and you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact us today.  We can help your car get its memory back!

Keeping Your Car Healthy in 2018!

Posted on 12/26/2017

Here is a simple New Year’s Resolution list for your Car!


1.You hear us folks in the automotive service and repair business always saying; “According to the manufacturer’s recommendations…” well…those recommendations are all listed in your owner’s manual.  Making sure you bring your car in for these recommended services keeps your car running well and increases its life. 

2.Regular maintenance also saves you money!  For example, replacing a worn set of brake pads is much less expensive than replacing brake rotors.

3.Do you know your car communicates with you? It communicates by a lit dashboard telling you service is needed, poor engine performance, rough handling, fading brakes, strange or unusual noises, drips and more. 

4.The best way to take care of your car in 2018 is to bring it to Fairway Auto Repair quarterly where we will check it out for you with tender loving care so you can enjoy many more miles together. Our New Year’s Resolution is to help you keep your car running great and save you some money at the same time!

How Often Should You Have Your Car Serviced?

Posted on 12/19/2017

I know in this day and age it is sometimes difficult to remember those certain appointments…like going to the dentist or the doctor every six months…or having your vehicle serviced at least twice a year!  You can ignore it until suddenly you aren’t feeling your best, or you experience a toothache, or your car breakdowns! 

Here is what your car’s owner manual tells you should happen and how often.  We recommend you visit us every six months to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape!

Your owner’s manual states that every time you stop for fuel you need to:

  • Check engine oil level and add as required.
  • Check windshield washer solvent and add if required.

Once a month you are supposed to:

  • Check tire pressure and look for unusual wear or damage
  • Inspect battery and clean and tighten terminals as required.
  • Check fluid levels of coolant reservoir, power steering, brake master cylinder, and transmission and add as needed
  • Check all lights and all other electrical items for correct operation

At every oil change you are supposed to:

  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect brake hoses
  • Rotate tires at each oil change interval shown on schedule “A” (Highway miles) or every other interval as shown on schedule “B” (Stop and go miles).
  • Check coolant level, hoses, and clamps.
  • After completion of off-road operation, the underside of the vehicle should be thoroughly inspected. 
  • Examine threaded fasteners for looseness

That is what the kindly, full-service gas station attendant used to do for us.  Now that everything is self serve, we tend to drive up, fill up and drive off. Think about it. Do you check your engine oil level or your washer solvent at each fuel stop?  Do you monthly check your tire pressure, inspect your battery, and check fluid levels, lights and other electrical items?  The majority of consumers never lifts the hood of their car or even looks at their tires, much less checks the pressure.  Some, when it is time for an oil change are adamant that we just change their oil as they are in a hurry and everything else seems fine. 

It is true that our cars are increasingly sophisticated pieces of machinery and that our oil is better able to withstand a couple of extra thousand miles between changes but how about all those other services that the gas station attendant used to take care of for us?  Sadly, the answer for the most part is no one!  You should at least have your vehicle serviced twice a year at the minimum. If you don’t, think about what can go wrong between visits without someone lifting the hood and someone checking your tire pressure and fluid levels. 

Remember, we love cars, trucks and SUV’s!  We want them to run at peak efficiency so that they are safe and reliable for you!  Don’t be a stranger.  Stop on by and let us lift the hood for you!

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